posted 8/1/12

  • Revolution Digital, a digital marketing agency in Morristown, is looking for a summer intern. The intern would work 4 days a week (M-R) with us in a the capacity of a junior designer, working primarily in Photoshop helping our art directors and creative directors. Opportunities for learning would include:

* digital asset prep
* visual QA
* making edits to layouts
* photo research
* participation in brainstorming
* opportunity to contribute designs
The ideal intern would be a student or recent grad with a desire to learn about digital marketing, having taken courses that specialize in web design. At Rev-D, we create websites and microsites, banner ads, manage social media, digital promotions, maintain and develop engagement activities for brand facebook and twitter pages. Our brands include NUK/Gerber, Renuzit, Soft Scrub, Dial, and over the counter pharma products for Pfizer, such as Chapstick, Centrum and Preparation H.
If interested, please email Julie Bernardini at Check us out at